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Lucas Kinkaid

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My Canvas Bag

Mark is a young man who wants to escape the regular traumas that occur in his family.  No matter where he goes, the hurtful thoughts and feelings are always with him.  He tries to push them to the back of his mind and put on a happy face.  On good days and bad days, they dominate his thinking.  Mark never asks for these things to happen.  He is just forced to find a way to deal with them. 


Mark likes to get away from the chaos of his family by spending time in nearby woods.  He keeps a canvas bag carefully hidden outside of his house.  It contains blankets, a flashlight, cans of food, a transistor radio, things to read, and more.  The canvas bag has everything necessary for Mark to escape the turmoil.  The solitude of the woods brings him peace.


As he gets older, Mark’s anger and resentment toward the things he has experienced only increases.  He makes bad decisions and gets into trouble.  There comes a time when he must choose a path.  Mark struggles to separate himself from the bad things he has done.  He refuses to give up trying to change.


Mark is given the opportunity to write for a publication.  He discovers he has a talent for it.  Mark then discovers himself. 


It is an experience that forever changes his life.

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"I was captivated from the very first page of the book. The narrative progresses at a steady pace in simple grammar. Also, the narrative switches between different periods in the life of the protagonist. This added a layer of intrigue to the story."

Readers who enjoy interesting stories about difficult family backgrounds will find this book intriguing.


Praise & Reviews
My Canvas Bag

"A heart -wrenching story about a young man who is born into a family who at times, I felt that I disliked so strongly, I wish he'd have run away and never seen them again. But resilience is his best ally, humor, wit, wisdom, and bravery. This story is told so well that I was riveted to each page. I could visualize every scene unfolding through this writer's amazing words."

A great book for discussions in family groups, and good for others who may have gone through a dysfunctional childhood and felt as if they were the only one."

Karen Malena

"Mark is a powder keg of emotions that run the gamut from angry to disappointed to unloved just waiting on the right situation to explode. He does have moments that seem promising, but they are fleeting and cause readers to keep on reading in hopes that the next ones will last longer."

The story is a haunting tale that addresses themes related to Identity and Love and Family Relationships.

Renee Padmore


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About Lucas Kinkaid

Lucas Kinkaid is the pen name of J. Michael Krivyanski.  He is a syndicated columnist with Continental News Service.  He is also the author of four Christian books.  He has published four books of his humor columns that previously appeared in various media.  He publishes works of fiction under his penname Lucas Kinkaid.  When not writing, he is busy biking, hiking, and enjoying the outdoors with his wife.

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